Each project we are involved in has to major qualities: the most performant technologies and the best specialists on the market. Our 40+ years experience recommend us and we are not afraid of a good challenge.

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Due to our confidentiality policy, the names and locations of our clients cannot be disclosed.

Energetic streamlining

Tyres Manufacturer

The client has allocated a budget for the company’s energetic streamlining process. We replaced 2 Evapco LSTA cooling towers with a 60kW (2 x 30kW) consumption, with 2 BAC XE 3E “Extreme Eficiency” cooling towers, with 2 11 kW engines.

Cost optimising and quick set-up

Commercial Center – Mall

The project consisted in the installation of two cooling stations with two BAC VTL cooling towers each.

For the anti frost protection during winter we chose a “Remote Sump” system.

Taking into consideration the location of the Mega Mall and the fact that the cooling towers are installed on the terrace, we needed a solution to optimise the set-up time and crane costs, so we chose VTL towers, 100% assembled in the BAC factory.

Efficient, eco-friendly technical solutions

Retail logistic center

We collaborated with our contractor in choosing the most efficient technical solutions.

The BAC axial CXVE condensers, with “clean” cooling agent – R717 (ammonium) – which don’t affect the ozone layer and don\t contribute to the global warming process were our ideal solution.

Cooling system

Office building

Cooling capacity: 7,1 MW

  • 2  BAT closed cooling towers  1750 kw
  • 4 BAT closed cooling towers 900 kw
  • chemical treatment installation  for each tower

Perfect planning and implementing


The challenge of the project: the rehabilitation of a hyperbolic cooling tower in just 14 days!

The heat exchange packages in fibre glass rolls were replaced with highly efficient exchange packages in PVC sheets, thermoformed and plastic welded.

The support profiles were replaced with a metallic structure treated agains corrosion.

The water distribution system was completely rehabilitated.

Reverse osmose station inserted with a processed and recirculated water system neccesary for heat treatment of aluminum.

Aluminium producer

Cooling capacity 2940 kw


  •    3 cooling towers BAC (2 open cooling towers VFL and 1 closed cooling tower PFI )
  • Two steps inversence osmose station and water filter
  •   Control panel and Automation
  • Assembly and construction works

Cooling system

Commercial store 

Cooling capacity 1 304 kw


  •  2 closed cooling towers BAC FXVS
  • Control panel and Automation
  • Design and building electrical installation

Rhabilitation of a hyperbolic cooling tower

Aluminium factory

Rehabilitation of a cooling tower with the surface of  400 sqm

The old heat exchange system has been replaced with high-efficiency PVC transformers and welded plastic packages from own production.

Existing support profiles have been replaced with a metallic structure treated against corrosion.

The water distribution system has been completely changed so that the cooling capacity has increased.

Cooling towers

Factory for the automotive industry

Cooling capacity 1 304 kw


2 closed cooling towers BAC HFL with this aditional options:

  • sound atenuation
  • Baltiguard drive system
  • basin heater package
  • steel drift eliminators
  • positive closure dampers

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