Filtration and water treatment

Complete solutions to insure water quality and protect installations and heat exchange surfaces. Using the mechanical flirting systems and chemical treatment stations for water, you avoid clogging, deposits, corrosion and micro-biological growth such as legionella.

Water softner and chemical treatment

ICS Tratarea Apei

We provide specialised water treatment programs for safely operating the cooling towers.

Tested in hundreds of applications, our customized solutions are adapted to the plant requirements and  ensure reliable operation and long life for the equipments.

We deliver solutions for cooling and heating systems, industrial plants and anti- Legionella products. Our equipments are state-of-the-art,  manufactured to rigorous ISO 9001 specifications.

Good results require a comprehensive program of products, equipment and services that address the unique mechanical, operational and chemical requirements of each system. ICS identifies opportunities to improve system reliability, efficiency and safety that others might miss.

Key Benefits

  • Minimise energy
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Safe and reliable operation of your system
  • Efficient combat the formation of Legionella


  • Cooling systems
  • Boiler facilities
  • Process water systems

Self Cleaning Filters VT0


VTO self cleaning screen filters are designed for filtration of liquids with solid particles and colloidal materials. Special suction nozzles ensure the complete cleaning of the screen with minimum water consumption and without stopping the filtration process. They can be supplied in three different configurations (Y, L, and O) depending on the position of In/Out connections. The filtering cartridge can be supplied either as a polyester mesh inserted between two AISI 316 net tubes or as a three layer AISI 316 stainless steel cartridge (REPS); with this solution the filtration degree ranges from 25 µm to 810 µm. All filters are supplied ready to work, with valves, pressure gauges and electronic controller included.

Self Cleaning Filters Turbonet

TURBONET are self-cleaning screen filters with stainless steel body, available in Y shape building configuration. The internal filter cartridge is available with a polyester filtration mesh (PES) inserted in an AISI 316 stainless steel net tube,  or in double layer screen version (REPS) completely made of stainless steel AISI 316; with these solutions we can offer a large filtration degree ranging from 2000 to 25 μm.

TURBONET filters are suitable for the treatment of water wells, rivers, canals and process water containing suspended solids. The cleaning of the filter is quick and easy thanks to their cleaning brushes moved by an automatic cleaning unit. The filters are supplied ready to use complete with valves, pressure gauges and electric controller.

Self Cleaning Filters Acquaspeed

ACQUASPEED  are self-cleaning  screen  filters with stainless  steel body, available in two building configurations: L, Y. The internal filter cartridge is available with a polyester filtration mesh (PES) inserted in an AISI 316 stainless steel net tube or in double layer screen version (REPS) completely made of AISI 316 stainless steel; with these solution we can offer a filtration range from 400 to 53 μm.

ACQUASPEED  are  suitable  to  be  used  in pressurized systems with small flow rates (<30m3/h).  The cartridge is cleaned thanks to a patented system which creates pressurized water jets. This system ensures low water consumption and shortstops of the outlet flux during the cleaning cycle. The filters are supplied with valves, pressure gauges and electronic controllers.

Self Cleaning Filters Vortex

VORTEX filters are centrifugal separating filters (hydrocyclones) with a stainless steel body, especially designed for water containing sands or particles with specific weight greater than water (γ>1). VORTEX filters can remove up to 99% of sands and/or particles with dimensions greater than 75 µm and up to 65% with dimensions greater than 50 µm. VORTEX filters are designed to reduce head losses but maintain the best separating efficiency, work continuously, do not contain filtrating elements or moving parts, can be inspected and the bottom drain can be equipped with a manual or automatic valve.

BAC filtration system

Filtre separatoare automate BAC

BAC packaged separators are designed specifically to remove dirt, sand, silt precipitates, and suspended solids from process fluids. The solids in suspension are separated using centrifugal force and accumulate in the lower purge chamber. The system utilizes an automatic purge to eliminate the separated solids. The separator will remove unwanted contaminates resulting in increased system efficiency and decreased operating costs. The combination of an appropriate filtration system with sump sweeper piping provides an effective method of preventing sediment from collecting in the cold water basin of cooling towers.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce chemical consumption by 25% typically
  • Increase the service life by reduced under deposit corrosion
  • Reduce water usage by operating at higher cycles of concentration

Increase efficiency by:

  1. keeping the heat transfer surfaces/chiller tubes clean
  2. keeping the spray system / nozzles clean hence reducing overall energy consumption of the process/chiller

– Reduce cleaning intervention and down time for tower basin, spray nozzles and chiller tubes.

– Reduce development of bacterial growth and biofilm

– Keeps the surface cleaner

– Reduce chemical usage

– Less C02-emission through improved system efficiency

– Reduce water consumption on dirty systems


Electrolysis water hardness removal system

Hardness reduction system with electrolysis operation

Hardness reduction system is an automatic cooling tower treatment and cleaning system that removes scale and other substances from the Cooling Tower and pipes.The electrolyte technology maintains the towers and the cooling water circuits free of incrustations and biological dirt. The system generates chlorine and other strong oxidants for killing bacteria and microorganisms.

Saves Electrical Consumption

The system reduces scaling and helps control solids that accumulate in the fill of the towers, which improves the temperature difference of the water passing through the tower. This saves power supply consumption of the chillers connected to the water circuit.

Reduces Corrosion

The system increases water pH, which reduces the potential for corrosion, thus preventing the wear and tear of the equipment and the piping.

Saves Water

Blown-down water is drained from cooling equipment to prevent mineral build-up. The system enables water towers to operate at more than twice the concentration of dissolved solids allowed by chemical treatment, which saves up to 50% of blown-down water. Blown-down water may be suitable to be re-used for irrigation or general applications, because the water does not contain chemicals, thus enabling up to 100% re-use of blown-down water.

Provides Clean Water

The system uses the chemical reactions caused by electrolysis to provide constant disinfection of bacteria and microorganisms.

Key Benefits

  • Saves Electrical Consumption
  • Reduces Corrosion
  • Saves Water
  • Provides Clean Water



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