Design, fitting and service

With ICS you have only one partner for designing and fitting the cooling systems, maintenance services, delivery and replacement of spare parts. Work with us and avert the risk of faulty equipment, maintaining its initial performances and saving time and money.


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The ICS team offers design services involving:

  • location plan
  • thermal and hydraulic calculations
  • plant design: machine assembly and pipeline assembly DDE phase
  • the specialty construction project
  • electrical installations project
  • the technical documentation for obtaining the Building Authorization


ICS automation systems integrate Siemens and Danfoss automation and actuator components.

Through automation solutions you can benefit from an intuitive graphical interface that ensures you:

  • flexibility in configuring and controlling any facility, both locally and remotely
  • tracking the status of any subsystem in real time
  • cost optimization of maintenance services
  • recording the evolution of interest sizes and displaying them as graphical trends
  • recording alarms and displaying them in real time or as reports
  • safety in exploitation

Installing and service

The ICS Technical Team is regularly trained abroad at the manufacturer for the installation and maintenance of the equipment.

In addition, the team is equipped with advanced service tools and equipment, but also with measuring and control devices.

ICS offers the following services:

  • Service program for periodic revisions and corrective maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of plant operation and coordination of service operations
  • Optimizing electricity, water and chemicals consumption

A service contract provides the following benefits::

  • Maintain towers and installations in nominal operating parameters
  • Consumption monitoring and cost reduction consultancy
  • Short intervention and reparation time


Technical Concept and 3D Design

Equipment distribution and implementation


Turnkey projects

Remote automation and monitoring systems

Rehabilitation and upgrades for all types of cooling towers

Service and after-sales service