Cooling Tower Retrofit


ICS delivers a series of different models of structured fill media, both film-type and splash, which are employed in numerous industrial applications to increase plant efficiency and heat exchange surface in the same occupied volume.

Within the context of this same product, the plant designer can select the model most appropriate for his purposes according to heat exchange surface and admissible pressure drop: the high mechanical strength, the quality of the raw materials and the geometrical design of these honeycomb-format fillmedia are such that these products always provide high performance.

To facilitate installation, items can be supplied cut-to-size, whilst for the optimisation of transport costs all the FMC models can be supplied in nested sheets for local or site assembly, using a residueless glue-solvent or by thermal welding.

1. FMC 12

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Crossed flutes

Specific Surface: 245 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

2. FMC 19

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Crossed flutes

Specific Surface: 165 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

3. FMV 21

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Vertical flutes

Specific Surface: 146 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

4. FMC 27

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Crossed flutes

Specific Surface: 114 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

5. FMC 50

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Crossed flutes

Specific Surface: 66 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

6. TFM 12

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Crossed flutes

Specific Surface: 245 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

7. TFM 19

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Crossed flutes

Specific Surface: 36.25 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

8. TFM 27

Material: PVC

Sheet Layout:  Crossed flutes

Specific Surface: 26 m2/m3

Maximum Temperature: 60°C

Key benefits

  • Increase in plant efficiency
  • Decrease in occupied volumes and in civil engineering works
  • Low pressure drops
  • High mechanical strength
  • Resistance to chemicals and to biological aggression
  • Possibility of items cut-to-size
  • Lightweight, modular and easy to manhandle
  • PVC compliant with CTI136 and ASTM E-84 for self-extinguishing characteristics.

Drift eliminators


Drift and droplet eliminators permit the separation of fluids in a gaseous stream, the most common case of this being the separation of water droplets present in an airstream. Panel-type drift eliminators, fabricated from PVC which meets the CTI136 and ASTM E-84 reference guidelines on flame resistance have been designed to offer high separation efficiency, passing very challenging tests, both for separation efficiency and in terms of high mechanical strength.

They are characterised by significant ease of handling, which facilitates their employment in the plant in the installation phase and during subsequent maintenance works. On request all these products can be supplied with frames fabricated from various materials, both plastics and metals.

Key Benefits

  • Low pressure drops
  • Mechanical strength
  • Simplicity in positioning thanks to their modularity
  • Lightweight, which permits easy handling
  • Resistance to most chemicals and to biological aggression

Inlet Louvers

IL 65

Air inlet louvers permit users to maintain in obscurity water collection basins, thus limiting the formation of algae and avoiding both the intake of foreign bodies or leaves from the surroundings and the water splash-out.

Key Benefits

  • Material: PVC
  • Maximum Temperature: 60°C
  • Maximum Air Velocity: 5 m/s

Spray nozzles

duze stropire

We can supply nozzles to suit all cooling towers, condensers and fluid coolers. Our nozzles can be retrofit to suit all makes and models of evaporative equipment.

Distribution systems

sisteme de distributie

ICS is able to design and supply a full distribution system on cooling towers of any size.
ICS can deliver pipework constructed from PVC or other plastic materials.

Deckfill structures

structuri de sustinere echipamente hvac

For sustaining the components inside the cooling tower we are using HILTI profiles, made of galvanized steel for a very high corrosion resistance.

Transmission systems

ventilator ICS SistemeTransmisie

We supply and replace the existing fans, including the motor and gear motor transmission.

These parts are extremely reliable and easy to maintain, the only maintenance required is changing the gear oil every 5 years of operation.

We supply all components of the transmission:

  • Electrical motors
  • Bearings
  • Sheaves and pulleys
  • Transmission Belts
  • Shafts for axial and centrifugal fans

Mechanical components

ICS Componente Mecanice HVAC

Axial Fans

Axial fans drive a cooling towers performance and are subject to extremely high stress during system operation. As a rotating “high speed” piece of equipment, it is critical that the fan components are regularly inspected for cracks, fatigue, corrosion and operational damage.

Apart from a serious safety hazzard, fan failures can cause large amounts of damage to your cooling tower.

Drift eliminators, fan cylinders, distribution components etc can all be affected and cause costly repairs.

We can supply fans of all sizes to suit your cooling tower, condenser or fluid cooler.

Centrifugal Fan Wheels

Our centrifugal fan wheels are specifically designed for evaporative cooling equipment and are available in galvanized mild steel and 304 stainless steel construction. Powder coating of galvanized fan wheels are also available.

Wheels feature a welded, riveted and press tab construction with grub screw and clamp lock hubs to ensure proper wheel hub to shaft contact and reduced wheel slip. They feature a forward curve design and are dynamically balanced for perfect vibration free operation.


Fan motors are available for both direct and belt driven units. Motors are MEPS compliant, can be epoxy coated and have double sealed bearings.

They are designed for the harsh operating conditions of evaporative equipment applications incorporating design features that ensure reliable performance in 100% humid operating environments. Standard and extended shafts are available as is standard and high efficiency. IP56 rating is the minimum standard for all motors. Motors are available from 0.37kW up to 45kW.


Pulleys can be manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy or standard cast iron. Aluminium pulleys are superior to cast iron alternatives commonly used in evaporative cooling equipment as they offer better corrosion protection. Cast iron pulleys can suffer from localized rust on drive grooves that damage belts and advance belt wear. Aluminium pulleys do not experience this problem and the result is longer service life of drive belts, less drive belt maintenance and extended periods between drive belt replacement. Aluminium pulley retrofit kits are supplied with power band belts which are constructed of neoprene with polyester cords.


Cooling tower bearings are commonly subjected to overloading, fatigue failure, lubricant failure and corrosion. Internally mounted bearings are exposed to water drift, condensation and high temperatures which contribute to reduce bearing service life. To prolong bearing operation it is important that bearings are regularly inspected and greased.

We offer a full range of bearings to suit your cooling tower, condenser or fluid cooler.

Fan Shafts

Fan shafts are manufactured from bright steel bar and stainless steel.  Shafts feature end keyways and for some shafts centre keyways and grub screw depressions machined into the shaft.

We offer a full supply and installation service for all parts to suit your evaporative equipment.


In comprehensive lab thermal performance tests, the coil showed proved thermal cooler performance and offers you unrivalled system efficiency.

Developed and manufactured in house.

Cooling coils are designed for maximum 10 bar operating pressure according to PED.

Condensing coils are designed for maximum 23 bar operating pressure according to PED. Pneumatically tested at 34 bar.

Key benefits

  • Industrial grade construction
  • Factory tested
  • Operating pressure according to PED

BAC original spare parts

BAC original spare parts are not just components. They guarantee year-round reliable operation of your cooling equipment by offering you all these benefits:

  • Original performance to minimize system operating cost
  • Minimum downtime, maximum service life
  • Operational safety
  • Improved operation and maintenance via the latest technology
  • Long-term availability and traceability
  • Quick delivery

BAC genuine spare parts offer you these benefits because:

  • They meet BAC specifications – optimized by more than 70 years of cooling product experience.
  • Every part undergoes a testing process under different conditions.
  • BAC parts meet unrivalled safety and quality requirements.
  • BAC parts are state of the art and fit perfectly .

Recoating metallic components


We refurbish the support metal structure and the tower side panels which present a high degree of corrosion.

The metal surfaces are treated with a protecting layer of resins and acrylic compounds, increasing the corrosion resistance and the life time of the cooling tower.

Refurbishment services extend the equipment’s operating life. They include repair or replacement of panels and structural components which are subject to corrosion or mechanical damage. ICS offers a high quality re-painting service for the internal surfaces of the cooling equipment.

Energy saving opportunities

Retrofit of existing cooling towers with VSD(variable speed drives).



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