CHILLBOX mobile cooling system

Cooling container

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The cooling container is a complex, mobile cooling installation, which is based on the water-cooled chiller.

The mobile, compact, high energy efficiency, “plug-and-play” type solution is installed in just one day.

The fully automated, easy-to-operate system delivers variable cooling capacity and integrates the latest cooling, pumping and water filtration technologies.

The cooling container can be connected to the technological process without interrupting production, being easy to operate and fully automated.

The high-performance water-cooled chiller, equipped with VSD and the BAC cooling towers, compact and reliable, driven by VSD, allow flexibility in operation and significant savings of electricity compared to installations with air-cooled chillers.


Short implementation times

The container is completely assembled and tested in the ICS factory. The client has the security of the execution quality, of the implementation times and costs.

Small, compact and practical space

The cooling container requires little outdoor space and doesn’t take up the customer’s internal production space. The container can be easily relocated and adapted to the cooling needs of the technological process, without additional assembly costs.

Cost reduction

The installation is based on high-performance water-cooled chiller allowing significant savings in operating costs.

Intelligent automation constantly monitors and adjusts operating parameters for maximum efficiency of electricity and water consumption.

The mobile solution eliminates the need and costs associated with obtaining a building permit.

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Key benefits

  • Short implementation times
  • No building permit required
  • Small, compact and practical space
  • Reduces electricity and installation costs
  • Easy to relocate



Technical Concept and 3D Design

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Equipment distribution and implementation



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Turnkey projects

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Remote automation and monitoring systems

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Rehabilitation and upgrades for all types of cooling towers

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Service and after-sales service