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Electrical and Automation

The International Cooling Systems team offers complete services for electrical equipment, electrical installations and automation. The many projects in the cold industry have made us have a vast experience in automating processes and installations.



Due to our confidentiality policy, the names and locations of our clients cannot be disclosed.


Our project portfolio includes complex automation systems for the optimal operation of industrial cooling systems and beyond. The automation of cooling systems leads to increased productivity, competitiveness, eliminates human errors and contributes to cost reductions. Industrial production processes face increasingly complex requirements in terms of process optimization, machine implementation and regulation. This has a great impact on process automation. To provide optimal service to our customers, we use advanced tools and equipment that have been tested and tested in practice.



  • Designing and implementation the solution
  • PLC programming
  • SCADA systems
  • Integration to BMS

Electric panels

Electrical panels are an important part of the integrated solutions we offer to our customers and are always in line with the quality standards we offer. Electrical panels are the vital element of any electrical installation that ensures the power supply and safe operation of all consumers.

Through the design process, the selection and integration of quality components, the testing and measurement procedures according to the norms and the training of the operating personnel, we ensure that the final solution is in line with the needs and demands of the beneficiaries.

We offer design, assembling, testing, commissioning and service for electrical panels in accordance with customer requirements and current regulations.



  • Repair and modernization of installations
  • Low voltage distribution installation
  • Three-phase and single-phase electrical connections.
  • Earthing installation

Electrical installations

Provides design services in the field of electrical installations, as well as consultancy in terms of their design and execution, in support of your needs, we offer professional services, which involve the design, consulting, execution and maintenance of electrical installations.

We are authorized by A.N.R.E – National Regulatory Authority for Energy:

  • designing / executing electrical installations
  •  project verifier



  • Execution and installation of low voltage and low current installations.
  • Design and execution of electrical panels
  • Execution and approval of earth plugs
  • Pram measurements



Technical Concept and 3D Design

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Equipment distribution and implementation



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Turnkey projects

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Remote automation and monitoring systems

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Rehabilitation and upgrades for all types of cooling towers

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Service and after-sales service